first blog post (so much for a catchy title)

Well, I’ve finally done it. Created a website to showcase the best I have to offer. This blog option is a welcome addition to the website making. I feel like I’ll be using this on occasion, I do love to share art tricks and small personal things.

During the corona virus pandemic, I’ve done alright-productivity wise. There is no universal meter to compare to, other than myself to myself. Pre-covid, I was used to a certain level of productivity. During quarantine, I’ve dealt with more stress than I’ve ever experienced before. I’ve since learned I am capable and able to create art under all sorts of situations.

I have lots of plans for this website. I will set up the shop part shortly, with options to buy original art, blank comic cover commissions, and a few merch items as well.

thank you for reading this far! This video features Star Lord and Soundwave holographic stickers that I designed.

keep being weird! and wash your hands! Nessa


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