about the artist!

Hey there! Thank you for visiting my page and supporting my dream.

For those who don’t know,

My name is Vanessa. I go by Ness, Nessa most often. And I am hard of hearing (HOH). I wear hearing aids, I was born missing half of my ability to hear. I’m an 80’s baby whose art is heavily 90’s skateboarding culture influenced. Big black lines and bold colors. Marvel’s Uncanny Xmen and Calvin and Hobbes were also heavy inspiration for me. My music taste is eclectic. I do favor heavier music, I hear drum and bass tones best. Rancid, Rage against the machine, Marilyn Manson, Beastie Boys, Dua Lipa and Beyonce can all be found on my playlists.

Sculpting is my first love. I used to sculpt with tinfoil as a child, my father would bring home large boxes of it from work. I would sculpt flying geese (I love feather patterns). Eventually I moved onto painting from sculpting. (I hardly sculpt these days.) When I was twelve, I started my own mural business. Painting murals for private homes and businesses across my city.

Another name I go by is “Mum”. I am a mum to two human children, and two furbabies. The humans are aged 9 and 5 respectively, and there is also a senior citizen chihuahua and a kitten that I share with my partner.

Attended Sheridan college in Oakville for a briefer time than I’d like to admit. I did not have the right mindset at all. I definitely partied too much and drawing was a chore I regretted. Some techniques were learned there, and they have definitely impacted my art. I’d like to thank my painting teacher, her criticism lit a fire in me to learn color theory. Sheridan deepened my love for markers.

“Bats in the Belfry art” came about in my late teens. I was already dealing with anxiety by then, and when I heard that to have “Bats in your belfry” meant having mental issues. I thought it was genius, and still do.

I would fall into a deep depression after leaving art school. I felt like quite the failure, this was my life dream I failed. But then I’ve never done well in a school setting, so it was not surprising. I would give up art for ten years. It was a mixture of sad things and crazy timing that I would start drawing again. In a way I am drawing feverishly now, to make up for the decade lost.

I’ve been consistently drawing almost every night, for three years now. Once the kids are in bed and settled, it’s drawing time. I’m at the best drawing level I’ve ever been at, because I finally have the right mindset to learn and challenge myself.

My history with mental trials and being on the road of healing and recovery, my art gets to be as bright and as bold as it can be. Art is very healing, and the bold colors are so lively, it’s absolutely thrilling to use them.

Megatron is my strongest and most consistent muse. It’s definitely a goal to draw him in some official capacity!!! I really want to do interior comic art, but I love creating eye catching compositions for cover pages as well. Other personal art goals include publishing my own graphic novel and designing skater apparel.

yours truly at 16 years old, posing with a mural I painted for a children’s photography studio.

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