Oh..it’s October already?

The summer totally zoomed by. I had a few major life changes, some I knew were happening (daughter attending school now/mom life in the pandemic) and some I didn’t forsee (Time to move!) But I will suvive! Amusingly enough, the stress during the last few months has helped art wise. I am producing a lot more original content than ever before. I even started a webcomic! The comic is called Granny Anarchy, and it’s based on my experiences joining the punk scene in the 90’s. Granny Anarchy was the first character I created when I started my Bats in the Belfry Art label decades ago.

The IG page is set up for Granny Anarchy;


My Gremlins on their first day of school, pandemic 2020

Till next time I remember to blog on here!

Cheers! Ness

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