“oh my life, it’s changing every day, in every possible way.”

I was a huuuge The Cranberries/ Dolores O’Riordan fan, and I adore the song “Dreams”. It’s rather fitting for everything going on right now, career wise.

Today, very little technology worked in my favor. I spent the majority of the time cussing out inanimate objects, sitting on hold for longer than I care to admit, and finally taking selfies with this skull filter I adore.

Eventually everything worked and procrastination time was over.

Winter is coming, I look forward to hibernating at some point. The single mom/freelance artist hustle can be tiring. I need to recharge a little and come crashing through the gates again with better skills and ideas.

I’ve submitted art for the Transformers Fan Forge contest. The winners see their creations turned into official merch! I don’t know how long it takes till they reveal the contest winners. The hype is real and obviously I want to win. My son had been diligently checking in on the status of the art, giving me suggestions lol he very much wants to win the toys. (Winners also get Transformers, along with clout and $).

Earlier this year I participated in a Transformers fan medic zine, and it’s in preorder status now! I finally get to share the details on that in the coming days 🙂

Annnd I am hoping to hear the results from a craft beer can label contest I joined in! This is the fun part of freelancing, the ability take on as many opportunities as one can. It’s not always robots! Recently I finished a commissioned comic panel featuring monsters and a paranormal investigator. I used to draw monsters and gore a lot in my teens. Familiar art territory (zombies and gore) is soothing in between constant growth (drawing robots in dynamic poses and eye bleeding colors).

Some examples of what I submitted for Fan Forge.

Till next time,

Cheers! Ness

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