oh f$#k it’s March

(<< new Betsey Johnson skull sweater acquired, I adore it so much)

The artist gig is pretty demanding. Not only do you need to learn skills and apply them to things, you also must network and promote yourself, be aware of competitions and big opportunities and have access to scanners to send in your work to these contests, maintain your brand, update all social media, run your website, update your website, deal with clients and also create actual art. Plus live a life in there and sleep somewhere lol, Now if you’re a comic artist, you do all the above, plus you have to WRITE YOUR STORY AND DRAW YOUR STORY. (insert image of artist crying)

Since the major uprooting of my home life last year, I’ve slowly created a new schedule that is working so far. I take it day by day and enjoy the successes as they come. f@!$ the trials though, I’d be good if I went without for a bit.

I’m working more on my own IP, making a little less fanart. I would still love to work under someone else’s title. But the urge to create my own stories, in my own style, is growing exponentially. Yet when you read the opening paragraph to this blog here..you can see why the delay in my own stuff occurs.

Some days I think I’d like to pursue an agent who could help me with the more commercial jobs I’m seeking. Other days, my commission list grows and I feel content working on a smaller scale and interacting with everyone personally.

Well at least I updated my website, overhauled it actually. I have finally enough updated original content on here, to feel kind of proud of it all. And considering that a majority of the new stuff came after splitting with my ex, and my favorite family member dieing, during a fucking pan\demic… I’m a lot more capable than I ever gave myself credit for. I’m a beast.

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