And then it was May

Ok, so we are still in a lockdown across Canada. We get to witness our neighbors in the U.S start partying with abandon, because they have loads of vaccines. We are slowlyyyyy getting vaccinated over here. My appointment is June 7th. I really hope to see a concert soon.

I’m not a teacher, and at home schooling with the pandemic has emphasized this. It affects my ability to draw. To non-artists, it is hard to explain. We need the right mindset in order for the art to flow onto the page. In the wrong mood, the artist will produce something they hate and a vicious new circle starts. I avoid drawing altogether on tough days. It’s not worth it.

My youngest got knocked over by a neighbor’s dog, and it’s dew claw cut up my kids hand. It required stitches, which required a trip to Emerg in a pandemic with masks. We survived and she is fine, she avoided the stitches as they used a glue to seal up the wound. Antibiotics for her for a week now. But my mind is racing, and worried, and the art just doesn’t get done.

It caused me to rethink my ideas for a career. I really don’t have the time to do anything that requires too much focus, and nothing that spans over a long period of time, like being the pencil artist for a comic series. Being a mom means my kids come first, and I have to be fluid enough to flow with them and the changes they bring to life.

Zines are easy to get out, I’ve got so much to say. Just gotta line up the bills being paid somehow with art, and it all works out.

Making the Hard of Hearing zine was pretty easy. It flowed out of me, it’s been things I’ve wanted to say for awhile. But on the flip side, my stomach is in knots over sharing this much personal stuff. I will talk freely about mental health any day. But my hearing is extra personal, and it’s been heavy feeling as of late.

When I saw this meme on my timeline today,

I took it as a sign I gotta post the Hearing zine. Time to speak up.

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