Nessa of Bats in the Belfry art, has undertaken numerous private commissions over the years. She loves to work with clients and help to bring their visions to life. Her work can be found in private collections around the world, with art collectors based in the U.K, California, Barcelona and Finland.


I absolutely would love to draw something for you! I just have a few guidelines to follow, to ensure both the artist (me) and the commissioner (you) are happy.

Suggestions when emailing me:

In your message, please include the size preference of art you are looking for.

 What character(s) you want me to illustrate. If it’s an original character, I will need reference photos. And what country you’re located in, so I can figure out the shipping costs.

Include a brief description of the picture in your mind. You want to see X character smiling, eating ice cream and having a great time, for example. I love to include the special little things that will make this commission feel personal to you. Tell me all the ideas you have in your heart and I will do my best to bring your vision to life.

After the commission project has been discussed, I will do a rough sketch of your idea to make sure we’re on the same page. Once you’re happy with the direction I am going in, a down payment of 50 percent of the commission is required before I start it. 

After the down payment is received,  it takes me 1-3 weeks to complete most commissions.  I will keep you updated with the progress. You will have a chance to make small changes before I finalize the image.

The rest of payment is required before I mail out your commission.

Please note:

I maintain the right to deny the commission if I don’t feel comfortable illustrating it.

Cheers! And thank you for allowing me to bring your vision to life 🦇


I am flexible, nothing is set in stone. I work with you and your budget, and I am honest about what can be accomplished.